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How to Register as a Southern Power Vendor/Subcontractor

To provide onsite services (engineering, consulting, technical field services, labor, etc.) for Southern Power Company (SPC) plant sites, certain criteria must be satisfied.

1. Pre-Inquiry Phase 

Contractors desiring to be considered for performing work at SPC plants are required to submit a completed Supplier Questionnaire Form and Contractor Compliance Background, Statistical Data, and Supplier Certification forms. This information is evaluated to identify potential bidders for work.

2. Inquiry Phase 

When requested by SPC plants in writing, SPC Sourcing issues inquiry documents for work. Potential bidders are identified and submitted to the SPC plant for approval. Upon receiving approval, inquiry documents are issued for bids. The inquiry documents contain scopes of work, general specifications containing plant procedures, Southern Company compliance requirements, and government requirements (CFRs), and general conditions of the contract for maintenance.

Usually, pre-bid meetings are conducted where the contractors are shown the work and the inquiry documents are reviewed. Subsequent to the pre-bid meeting, the contractors will have a question and answer (Q&A) period, where questions are posed to SPC and answers are provided by SPC to all contractors (bidders). After/during this period, the contractors prepare proposals in response to the inquiry. SPC Sourcing uses a sealed bid process. A complete contractor proposal consists of the following:

  • Contractor Compliance Background Form
  • Contractor Statistical Data Form (with insurance company verification letter)
  • Supplier Certification Form
  • Proposal Form
  • Copy of the Contractor's Hazcom Program
  • Evidence of Licensing, if required for the work
  • Other documents, if required (code stamps, insurance certificate, etc.)
  • Exceptions (if the Contractor takes issue with inquiry document provisions)

The proposals are tabulated and a recommendation is made to the SPC Plant Management for approval. After approval is received, an award letter and contract is issued for approvals.

Fuel (wood) Procurement Manager: Stephen McInnis, (936) 326-5310